The club


Whether you want to compete in a team, as a hobby player or if you're simply interested in playing badminton - everybody is welcome! We currently have over 130 members (as of January 2019), with three senior teams and one under-19s team.

Our senior players regularly participate in ranking tournaments and play in three different classes (Bezirksliga, Bezirksklasse and Kreisliga).

Young players play an important role at our club. Through sporting activity we want to help young people in their personal development - and in doing so, invest in the long-term health of the club as well. More than 30 kids and teenagers actively play in our club - and that number is constantly rising. We have three talented trainers, passing their knowledge and experience on to the next generation.

Furthermore, we have a loyal and ever-growing group of hobby players, who just come together to play. No supervision, no commitment or expensive fees - just lots of fun in a relaxed enviornment.

But at BCD, it's not just about what happens on the court; alongside the regular club championships and training camps for our junior players, we also organize team trips, BBQ evenings, a season-closing event - and the Christmas Party at "Hirschchen" along with tombola and secret santa, has become unmissable! That evening every year, a very special, one of a kind trophy - a beautiful knit pullover crafted by the mother of a senior member many moons ago - rotates to a new owner.


The first badminton club in Düsseldorf

The club was founded in the same place where the ice hockey team 'DEG Metro Stars' once took to the ice: the stadium on Brehmstraße. More than a half century ago - in the summer of 1952 - two PE teachers rented a court there and began teaching badminton to some local teens. As a result of this casual meeting, the Badminton Club Düsseldorf (BCD), the first club of its kind in the city, was born. The founder was Hubert Brohl; long-term president of the German Badminton Federation and the European Badminton Union.

Some 'memorable' playing conditions...

Eckart Paatsch, 1959 German champion, remembers the courts fondly: "The ice stadium was very open and boards were lying on the ground to protect the cooling pipes." But there were gaps, more than a finger thick, between the boards which disturbed the wind. Dieter Schramm, Paatsch's former doubles partner adds: "You simply had no chance against a headwind." But it didn't get much easier when we switched to the indoor traning hall on the trade fair grounds for the winter season. Ute Melchers, eight-time German youth champion adds: "It was normally so cold that you needed to play with gloves on!"

To Scandinavia by bus

The trips abroad which the BCD team used to take together bring back special memories. Taking a Beetle or VW Bus, the then most successful team in German traveled to tournaments in Scandinavia. "Hubert Brohl would sit, smoking in the front seat, filling the whole car with smoke!" remembers Schramm with a laugh.