A: No! At our homepage you will find out if we currently have to decline all sign up requests because of capacity issues. If this is not the case you just can visit us at our training times. You can come three or four times for trials before you have to sign up. The form is linked at our homepage.

A: Usual sport cloth, gym shoes with bright sole and ideally your own racket. Later everyone bring their own shuttle cocks (except for the youth section). Those can be brought from other club members. In the youth section we also provide spare rackets if you don't own one yourself. If you decide to join the club, you should buy a racket yourself. Our coaches help you to find places where they are sold for fair prices.

A: Just visit the group that looks right for you. Rules of thumb:

  • If you are a student and/or under 18 years old, you are right in the youth section, otherwise the senior section is right for you.
  • If you alrady have played badminton in a club and participated in tournaments, our team sessions are perfect for you. Otherwise, take a look in our hobby player section.


Training Times

Group Day of Week Time Gym
Senior Teams Monday 20.00h - 22.00h Rückert Gym
Wednesday 20.00h - 22.00h Graf Recke Gym
Junior Teams Monday 19.00h - 20.30h Rückert Gym
Wednesday 18.30h - 20.00h Graf Recke Gym
Seniors (Hobby) Monday 19.00h - 22.00h Graf Recke Gym
Friday 20.00h - 22.00h Graf Recke Gym
Youth (Hobby + Beginner) *currently no new members* Monday 18.00h - 19.30h Graf Recke Gym

Anfahrt zu den Hallen

Rückert Gym
Rückertstraße 6
40470 Düsseldorf-Rath
Arrival by tram and bus:
S6, 701, U71: Rath-Mitte
730: Rückertstraße
Graf Recke Gym
Graf-Recke-Straße 170
40237 Düsseldorf-Grafenberg
Arrival by tram and bus:
834: Clara-Viebig-Straße
U72: Graf-Recke-Straße